Saturday, August 18, 2007

Mt. Speke (4890m)

This climb was more interesting than what I had expected. On the day me and my companion by chance, Chris from the U.S., arrived at Bujuku we hiked up 300 vertical meters up the trail we would take the following day to Mt. Speke. We stopped this acclimatization walk just before reaching the point where serious scrambling begins.

In the morning the guide estimated the return trip would take 4-6 hours. We came back to Bujuku 12 hours later. I was well acclimatized and felt strong in the beginning but the weather was not favorable. There was scrambling, rappelling, mud, a bit of a bog, more than light winds, glacier and above all bad visibility all the way. Some parts took longer than I had hoped for mainly due problems with crampons and ropes and I think waiting in the cold made me more susceptible to catch the cold that I had the following day.

Mt. Speke

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